The mines which we currently hold stakes in are known for recovery of large, high-quality, exceptional Type II Diamonds. High quality pink and blue diamonds have also been produced at our mines. Large, high value diamonds account for 65% to 70% of the Group’s annual revenue. We have also undertaken steps to unlock additional value from our mines, which include an updated open-pit life of mine plan, large diamond recovery and breakage projects as well as a mining optimisation project.

Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing

Our Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing operations enable us to pursue ways of maximising revenue through a combination of marketing channels, including tenders, strategic partnerships and extractions for manufacturing to capture additional margins further along the diamond pipeline.

Our rough diamonds are sent to Antwerp, Belgium where we carry out advanced mapping and analysis of the rough diamonds to assess their appropriate true value, so as to achieve the greatest possible returns at each diamond tender.

We also carry out sales of polished diamonds through direct selling channels to high-end diamantaires.

Our Market

Our client base consists of prominent, high-end diamantaires and manufacturers based in the world’s major diamond centres that include: London, New York, Antwerp, Israel, South Africa and Switzerland.