Reserves and Resources

Reserves and Resources

Our geological team has been working with a team of leading kimberlite experts from Canada and South Africa to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between the various kimberlite types within each pipe and to differentiate higher grade varieties from those with high value (containing large and abundant Type II diamonds).

Although our mines demonstrate broad scale consistency year on year in terms of price and average stone size for each of the kimberlite domains, the objective of the resource development programme is to gather data on local variability within each domain to improve large stone predictability and calibrate expectations of what each domain and subdomain can reasonably be expected to yield in terms of grade, average stone size, number of +100 carat stones and average price.

Key Projects – Baba Diamond Fields

The Baba Diamond Fields was one of our key projects and contributed greatly to our diamond output. Located in Southern Africa, the Baba Diamond Fields was our first foray into Diamond mining and enabled us to gain valuable operational experience in mining operations, mine management as well as logistical arrangements.