Strategy and Investment Proposition

Strategy and Investment Proposition

Our strategy is underpinned by three key priorities which we believe will deliver maximum value for all stakeholders through our business cycle.

1. Extracting Maximum Value from Operations

  1. Driving business optimisation
  2. Building balance sheet strength
  3. Exploring new sales avenues to maximise value

2. Working Responsibly and Maintaining Social Licence

  1. Promoting a culture of zero harm and responsible care
  2. Delivering sustainable returns for our investors while optimising the benefit for our communities and minimising our impact on the environment
  3. Building long-term, transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders

3. Planning for The Future

  1. Advancement of innovative technologies focusing on reducing diamond damage
  2. Renewal of the mining leases and gaining new partnerships as well as concessions
  3. Assessing external growth opportunities