Technology and Innovation

Diamond Detection and Liberation

We have successfully validated the detection of diamonds within kimberlite using scanning technology in conjunction with proprietary imaging and sorting algorithms. Following the successful proof of concept, the Group has approved US$2.75 million for operational implementation in Lesotho in conjunction with our partners.

Diamond damage has been a persistent problem when producing larger high-value diamonds. Once a diamond has been identified within the kimberlite, the next step is to liberate this diamond without causing any damage.

We have developed a non-mechanical liberation unit in-house, that utilises high voltage pulse power for the selective fragmentation of composite materials, as a means of liberating the encapsulated diamonds. Testing of this unit will commence in Q3 2020, at high-altitude mines in Lesotho. This pilot project will also include the use of the non-mechanical diamond liberation unit.

Application of Blockchain Technology

In order to realize greater operational efficiencies, we have implemented blockchain technology into our business operations particularly in the supply chain management and customer relationship areas.

We are consistently building upon our capabilities in this area and have been able to successfully leverage upon blockchain’s distributed ledger and immutability to ensure traceability, accurate records keeping and effective database management.

To this end, we have issued the Infinity Diamond Token (IDM), launched Wheel of Diamonds, an APP designed to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the token and its commmunity. We believe that this initiative would enable us revolutionize, traceability, storage and sales of our diamonds as well as database management through a revolutionary business model.